Clean up efforts begin after the storm

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Many power companies have suspended repair operations until dawn Tuesday because of the dangerous conditions left behind by the Tropical Storm Irma.

Trees and power lines came crashing down as Irma made her way through the Chattahoochee Valley. Paige Swift was at home when she heard a tree topple over in her Uptown community.

"There are a lot of older aging diseased trees in the area and a storm like this could be very devastating.", says Paige Swift Resident

Trees down means power out, and potentially live wires.

"We ask our customers to stay away from down lines do not attempt to remove a limb or anything from a power line it could be energized again we ask that you treat every line as dangerous and energized.", Jason Cuevas Region VP Georgia Power

Thankfully no one was at a home on Crockett Drive when a tree came crashing down. One nearby neighbor heard the crash.

I've seen some limbs fall but I've never seen a whole tree fall on top of a house since I've been living here. I was like Oh my God I'm glad it didn't fall towards our house and knock out the power." Clarence Moore, Neighbor

Despite the damage in our area, many say they're thankful it wasn't worse.

"As bad as this is with wind and rain my heart really goes out to the coastal people and everyone south of there who really saw Irma at it's full force.", says Swift

A storm that will remain on minds across the Valley for quite sometime.

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