Dozens of employees micro chipped at Wisconsin company

CBS News - RIVER FALLS, Wis. (CBS News) -- Dozens of employees at a River Falls company took a leap into the future Tuesday.

They voluntarily held out their hands and inserted a tiny micro chip. Three Square Market is believed to be the nation's first company to venture into the card free workplace.

The maker of self-checkout kiosks is using micro-chips to let workers buy a bag of chips, sign onto computers, phones or unlock doors.

Opportunities are endless and this is the technology making it possible where a tiny glass microchip programmed with a serial number is inserted under the skin.

"I thought it went great. You don't know how it's going to feel or what it's going to feel like. In my opinion, it really didn't feel like anything so there was a lot of build-up to it and it really wasn't anything to me," says VP International Development Tony Danna.

About a third of the company's workforce can pay for purchases in this micro market, with a swipe of the hand.

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