Alabama odds on favorite, Doug Jones trying to turn state blue

DC Bureau - WASHINGTON -- A Democrat running a long shot campaign for Senate in Alabama pulls over a million dollars in campaign cash in the last report.

According to his campaign, Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones brought in $1.3 million in donations between July and September more than quadrupling the previous quarter.

It's a shot in the arm for a Democrat trying to win over voters in a deeply Republican state.

"Money is always important but particularly for the less well-known candidate which Doug Jones is at this stage," says Whit Ayers.

Whit Ayers is a pollster whose been working on campaigns for 30 years. He says the Republican Roy Moore is a strong favorite in Alabama where Democrats have not won a Senate race in 25 years. But he says Jones has a shot.

"Because of who Roy Moore is and because of the kind of candidate Doug Jones is there's the potential for this seat to be in play," says Ayers.

Ayers describes Jones as a moderate and says Moore has a history of controversial statements on things like race and gay rights.

"But Moore's appeal was on full display at an event last week in here in Washington," says Drew Petrimoulx.

During a speech to the annual Values Voters Summit, Moore captivated the audience by quoting scripture and attacking Washington politicians.

"We don't have leadership, we have followership," says Roy Moore. "We must act, we must fight and appeal to God is our only hope."

Ayers says he's watching closely to gauge the intensity of each candidate's supporters. He believes that will drive turnout when voters hit the polls on December 12.

The Roy Moore campaign has not released its fundraising numbers for the third quarter. But a media consultant for the Roy Moore campaign said he's confident the campaign will have enough resources to win.

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