Auburn families open homes to Irma evacuees

AUBURN, Ala. -- Folks in East Alabama are already prepping to take in people fleeing from Florida. News 3 spoke with an Auburn mother who will help house victims as part of a church's efforts during the storm. Courtney Davis says her faith motivated her to offer help to those in need.

Davis has lived in her current Auburn home for four years. And while various pumpkin, scarecrow, and other decorations befitting fall greet visitors at her doorstep, the mother of nine tells News 3 she did not expect visitors to move into her home temporarily.

Hurricane Irma suddenly shifted the situation. Davis says through the ministry at Auburn Church of Christ, she will volunteer to house a woman and her mother, who is dealing with disabilities.

"Well, my faith teaches me that I'm supposed to be the hands and feet," Davis said. "I'm supposed to be the person going to do that and not waiting for someone else to."

Davis had to install special equipment in the shower to accommodate her guests. She says her act of kindness serves as a strong test of her faith.

"It is certainly outside my comfort zone," Davis told News 3. "However, if it were my children or heaven forbid my family needed shelter, I would hope that someone else would find it in their heart to do the same."

Davis's church plans to help about two dozen evacuees. They say anyone seeking help can contact them by email at


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