Efforts to find Eufaula man on disability, missing since November

EUFAULA, Ala. - The Eufaula family of Bennie "Pig" Moore is begging the public to help find the man who's been missing for months.

"Reporter: What was it like going through Christmas and New Year's Day not having your loved one with you? Well each day as we speak..it's hard..see he live with me...cries..."

Diane Williams of Eufaula is the older sister of 62-year-old Bennie "Pig" Moore.

The family tells News Three, the man on disability was last seen November 4th.

And he hasn't had his shot since October. Tuesday, Sergeant Donald Brown had this to say about the investigation.

"We've searched everywhere that we thought he may have been. Everybody who knows Pig... knows he walks up and down the streets a lot. We see him at various convenience stores. The last time he was seen was at a convenience store.. but since then he hasn't been seen since."- says Sgt. Brown.

Police do not suspect foul play at this time. But say, they're not ruling anything out.

While telling me a 15-hundred dollar reward is being offered in the case Williams also told me how Pig- got his nickname.

"He was just so fat when he was a baby... we called him Porky Pig... and then after while... we just started calling him "pig."- says Williams.

Pig has been missing for months now and the family is growing more concerned.

"Every month he's gonna report to my mother-in-law somebody gonna see him, I'm gonna see him, everybody..Eufaula would see Pig. Pig knows how to get home." - says extended family member.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr. Pig, is urged to contact Eufaula PD at 334-687 1200.

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