Family keeps search alive for Christopher Scott more than two years after his disappearance

Greg Loyd - RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. -- Christopher Shawn Scott, 22, disappeared from the Columbus/Phenix City area on a mid-January day in 2015.  Since then, his family has heard nothing else from him and exactly what happened to him remains a tormenting mystery.

"I do not wish this feeling on any mother, and if I had an enemy, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy," says Helen Lett, reflecting upon the pain she feels living every day not knowing the whereabouts of her son.

"He never leaves your mind.  You know what I mean?  That's not going to happen. It will never happen.  You know, I'm sure he will never be forgotten," says Tim Lett of his missing stepson.

"Miss you, Dad," says little four year old Tristan, Scott's son.

The adorable youngster, who will turn five years old next month, has spent half of his young life missing his father.

In the nearly two and half years since Scott's disappearance, his absence has proven a troubling puzzle for his family and investigators. Police say he was last spotted in the Dillingham Street Bridge area on January 12, 2015. Since that time, Phenix City Police say they have continued an investigation, actively following leads in the case.  Scott's family is thankful for all police are doing, but they say the wait is nonetheless agonizing.

"Every day, it just stays on your mind.  You hold on to that little inkling of hope," says Tim Lett.

But hope is tough. While the family wants to hold on to hope, they also say the young man who loved his family and spoke to them every day, who was a great father to young Tristan, would not go without contacting them all this time unless something went terribly wrong.  That is why they fear Scott is likely dead.

"I thank God every day for the 23 years He did give me with my son. I just wish He would have given me a little longer. But I would not take anything back," says Helen Scott.

One thing the family is convinced of among all the uncertainties of Scott's disappearance is someone, somewhere, close by knows exactly what happened to Christopher Scott in January 2015.

"I'll do whatever it takes to bring him home. You know, I'll walk through the swamp, if I have to.  I don't care. If somebody's out there who knows where he's at, if they will just drop a hint, let me know.  I'll go and do the footwork," says Tim Lett.

And Tim Lett has done the footwork many times in the years since Scott's disappearance.

"I've been in the woods looking. I've been to places . . . houses out in the country where wells are," says Tim Lett.

"If you know where my daddy's at, tell me," says little Tristan.

The family shares Tristan's plea—and a common prayer.

"I've lived long enough with this not knowing. Please come forward.  God, please send that one person to give me some answers," pleads Helen Lett.

Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Christopher Scott or knows anything regarding the circumstances leading up to his disappearance is asked to contact the Phenix City Police Department at (334) 448-2801.  Anonymous tips are accepted.  Tipsters may also keep their identities confidential by submitting tips online through Valley Area Crime Stoppers.  The family says they are offering a reward in the case.

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