Friends of Sadie Andrews efforting name change of Iron Bowl to 'Sadie Bowl' this year

WRBL Staff - AUBURN, Ala. -- Sadie Bowl. That's what friends of Sadie Andrews' family are pushing for this year's Iron Bowl to be named on November 25.

Stephanie Massey sent us an email on their efforts to change the Iron Bowl to #Sadiebowl.

Massey says:

The South is known for many things. College football is one of them. College football, in the South, is not considered a pass time but a way of life. In the state of Alabama the Auburn- Alabama football rivalry is one of the strongest and oldest rivalries. At the core of that is a choice of sides. That choice isn't merely a pick, it is a bond for your team as strong as a bond with blood, like family, your football family. Within that family, a little girl named Sadie, an Auburn native, with a love of Alabama football, stands out during this time leading up to Iron Bowl. Sadie will be watching the game from Heaven this year, because almost two weeks ago she passed due to a tragic accident. Another thing the South is known for is our belief in God. Sadie was blessed to also have the love of God in her heart. Due to her exceptional parents even in a time of the greatest heart-break a parent can endure, Sadie's parents have stood strong in their faith.  They know this is His divine purpose and want to be faith warriors to reach out to others who have endured great sorrow such as theirs. To help other families stand strong and unite, and what is more united than all the fans at the Iron Bowl. So during this Iron Bowl don't ask yourself what team you are rooting for let's stand together as a state, as family, and as Christians with love in your heart and choose to lift Sadie up in spirit and bring awareness to her life. Let it bring more outreach to all who have ever had to grieve a tragic loss of a loved one. Let it pull us together and not STAND apart. For Sadie's memory and outreach we ask to rename this years Iron Bowl, Sadiebowl. We are wanting the players to wear yellow bracelets,  as yellow was Sadie's favorite color, with LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS and #Sadiebowl on it.

Organizers of the event are reaching out to Auburn Athletics.

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