Gunman fires into windows of Smiths Station pharmacy in attempted burglary

Amie Flournoy is working with Lee County police to identify the gunman.

SMITHS STATION, Ala. - When Amie Flournoy left her Smiths Station Pharmacy on Tuesday night, she expected it to look exactly the same on Wednesday morning. Instead, she returned to a shattered window and glass on the concrete outside, she says, from bullets aimed at her business. 

"He shot two of our windows...attempted to shoot through the bullet proof window in the drive-thru and then also tried to get into our back door," says Flournoy. 

She tells News Three that Lee County deputies were on the scene when she arrived this morning. They are still investigating. 

"Certainly when it becomes an issue with any business, but especially when it's a pharmacy, we're very concerned about the circumstances with that," says Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones. 

Flournoy is hoping the surveillance video taken from the store's cameras will lead to an arrest. 

"The investigation is underway. We have surveillance video that was maintained by the store, " says Jones. "We're working to obtain that now as part of our investigation."

Flournoy continued to serve her customers in spite of the disruption to her business. Although she is shaken, she is not giving up. 

"It's just hard because you come in here everyday, everybody that knows me knows I'm here and I'm trying my job and come in and be a hardworking citizen," says Flournoy. And then you have people come in and disrupt everything and vandalize your's tough." 

If you recognize the man authorities believe is responsible for this crime, you're urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's office investigations division (334-749-5651) or their secret hotline (1-888-522-7847).


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