Columbarium dedicated to Veterans at Riverdale Cemetery

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Veterans are being honored here in the Valley. Friday Columbus dedicated a new memorial specifically for our late veterans.

"There are to many veterans out here who have been forgotten and we need to know that we're here because of them, the nation is free and freedom is not free and we thank them," Patricia Lidell, attended the dedication.

Pat Biegler is the Director of Public Works for the City of Columbus. It was her idea to have the Columbarium built.

"I've had two husbands who are veterans and my father served in World War II so to me I would want them to be recognized as they are laid to rest and respected and I wanted to offer the same to those who didn't have someone to take care of them that way," said Biegler.

The city will continue to identify veterans and place them at the cemetery. Honor pavers will be sold in order to pay for the maintenance and upkeep.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson told News 3's Ken Martin Friday was a day to remember.

"It's been a very emotional day. It's a place of peace and dignity to come and allow those to give back and thank those who have served us through their military service and perhaps died alone," Mayor Tomlinson said.

If you would like more information on the columbarium and how you can purchase one of the honor pavers simply call 311.

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