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Carfax: 57 million vehicles on US roads have open recalls

LAS VEGAS - Carfax's annual research suggests some startling numbers of how many open car recalls are across the country.

Carfax says more than 57 million recalled vehicles are currently in the use across the country. That is greater than one out of every five vehicles.

According to their research, people living in the southern parts of the country are most likely to have a car with an open recall. The highest open recall percentages below to the states of: Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama and Arizona. While California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and New York have the most vehicles with open recalls.

The new data also suggests that work-life balance may be a factor for some vehicle owners not knowing about a recall or getting it fixed. Light trucks and SUVs – vehicles often used by businesses and busy families – are the ones most likely to have unfixed recalls


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