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HIV positive suspect faces charges after biting officer, injuring animals during chase

WRBL Staff - COLUMBUS, Ga. -- A call for a car break-in in-progress soon turned into a wild chase around South Columbus, according to a Columbus Police report.

The report says 27-year-old Quamae Bellamy is now in custody facing charges after police say he broke into at least two cars, injured three dogs, and bit a police officer.

Police say the chase started when a woman living on Dee Avenue heard a noise and looked out her window to see the suspect inside her truck around 3:30 p.m. Saturday. She reports her husband and friend took off after the suspect, but he managed to escape into a field on Howe Avenue.

The report says officers responding to the call cornered Bellamy after watching him run into a neighbor's yard on Cornell Avenue wearing the same clothes the car break-in victims described.

When the two officers got close to Bellamy, the report says he knocked a taser out of one officer's hand by swinging a white pipe. The suspect then grabbed the taser and tried to use it against another officer, but missed.

The officer then says in his report, he fired his taser at Bellamy, but it seemed to have no effect. Bellamy started to sing and swing his pipe at the officers, when the second officer took aim again and managed to hit Bellamy in the neck and groin.

The report goes on to say Bellamy continued to fight officers and when one tried to put him in a patrol car, Bellamy bit the officer and drew blood. Medical staff at Midtown Medical Center treated Bellamy for a wound to the back of his head and discovered he was HIV positive. The police statement says Bellamy admitted he knew he was HIV positive when he bit the officer.

Police say follow up investigations found Bellamy also injured the dog belonging to the woman living in the Cornell Avenue home where officers cornered him. Another woman also says Bellamy injured her two dogs while he was breaking into her car on Blan Street the same day.

Bellamy now faces a slew of charges including two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, three counts of obstruction, two counts of entering an auto, two counts of cruelty to animals, and criminal trespass.

He also faces an additional charge of reckless conduct by a person infected with HIV for biting the police officer. Police say the officer was treated and tested for HIV.

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