Exclusive surveillance of man stealing expensive trailer slated to be used in Lagrange Christmas parade

LAGRANGE, Ga. -- Early Monday morning, an expensive trailer that was slated to be used in the annual Christmas parade was stolen from Pine View Baptist Church.

The church says, they were preparing to use the trailer this Thursday in the annual Christmas parade at Lafayette Square.

Right now, the Troup County Sheriff's Office is heading up this investigation.

"The church didn't own it this company was letting them borrow it for the parade and so there's two entities involved the church had they display stolen and the people that owned the trailer had their trailer stolen."- Sgt. Stewart Smith, Troup County Sheriff's Office

For the last three years, Vaughn Trucking has loaned the trailer to the church for the parade.

The church provided surveillance video only to News Three.

It shows a red tractor pull up overnight Monday.

It later shows a man, backing his truck onto the trailer at some point getting out of his vehicle to kick off THE Bible that was on the back.

"He threw it off in the yard."- says Richard Satterwhite, church member.

Satterwhite is a member of the church.

He was the first to discover the trailer had been stolen.

Gon put Jesus back in the parade."- says Satterwhite.

He, along with other church members say despite their circumstance they are still determined to persevere.

In addition to removing the Bible from the trailer, the suspect also removed the lighthouse an item we're told is a staple for the church.

Both items will be used on another trailer also provided by Vaughn Trucking.

Other church members are choosing to have a positive outlook on the situation.

"We don't hate the ones that stole the trailer. We hate the crime they committed but we found ourselves during the whole process of re-building…praying more for them that God will bless them and turn their life around."- says Chris Hendricks, youth pastor.

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