Crawford Co. man says deputies ordered him to behead dog

CBS News - CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ga. (CBS News) -- A Crawford County man says an officer shot his dog and ordered him to cut its head off after the dog bit one of his neighbors.

Joe Goodwin says he got a call Friday to come home after his dog bit his neighbor.  He says when he came home he found his dog shot to death. and a Crawford County deputy told him to either cut his dogs head off or go to jail.

Joe Goodwin says he was faced with a question he never thought he'd have to answer.

"We're asking you to remove the dogs head and you're refusing right?" says Joe Goodwin.

Goodwin says he recorded this video of his conversation with a Crawford County investigator Friday afternoon after Goodwin's dog...bit his neighbor.

"Big boy got off the runner he broke it i mean it snapped right in half," says Joe Goodwin

When officers arrived, Goodwin says Big Boy ran at one of the officers so the officer shot and killed his dog. Goodwin says he understands that decision... what he says he doesn't understand

"I can still smell it and i can still hear it crying," says Joe Goodwin

Is what happened next

"I removed my dogs head and i put it in some Kroger bag and um i showed the officer here's the head this is what you wanted right??" says Joe Goodwin.

Goodwin says the investigator told him he had to remove his dogs head to test it for rabies or go to jail. He says he explained that his dog had been vaccinated for rabies... but Goodwin says the investigator wouldn't let him leave the scene to find the paperwork.

"I don't think anybody should be forced to do what i had to do to their own animal or anything especially not with the proper gloves or the proper equipment," says Joe Goodwin

I reached out to the Crawford County sheriff's office. They say they are investigating this but they could not give me any more information.

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