UPDATE: GBI arrests suspect after social media bomb threat to Central High School

UPDATE: 03/15/18 6:00 p.m.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation wrapped up their investigation into a school threat in Talbot County.

Law enforcement say the student was arrested for making a bomb threat that closed all three schools in Talbot County.

"Right now we have taken one person into custody in reference to the bomb threat that was  made at central high school," says Fred Wimberly.

Authorities say they did not find evidence that the threat would be executed, but a Central High School student has been arrested for making a terrorist threat.

"These situations are not for the joking kind. Any time you make a threat to a public school or any other facility, we do take these threats very seriously," says Fred Wimberly.

Authorities say the bomb threat came in around 8 p.m. Wednesday. The threat specifically called out Central High School's resource officer, prompting school officials to close the doors for the day.

"We are so concerned about the safety of the kids. People say education is first, but really safety and security of our kids. What's happening in the nation, especially down in Florida, we weren't going to take the chance, so shut the school down," says James Catrett.

The investigation is now closed and GBI says students should be safe to return to school Friday.

Since Central High School's school resource officer was threatened by name, the school is now considering arming the officer while she is on school grounds.

"Our resource officer doesn't carry a gun and we don't want our kids to think they have to be supervised by a policeman with a gun, but with all this going on I might need to rethink that policy," says James Catrett.

The GBI stresses if you think making a bomb threat is a joke, it will be taken seriously and could result in a felony charge.


TALBOTTON, Ga (WRBL) -Terroristic threats lead to closures in local school system Thursday morning.

The announcement that Talbot County's Central elementary, middle, and high school will close Thursday, March 15, is making its rounds on social media -- and the following statement is also on the school system's website.

"Due to a bomb threat and the threat of one of our faculty member's life, per the recommendation of the sheriff department, Talbot County Board of Education and Central Elementary Middle High School will not be open, tomorrow on March 15, 2018. The FBI, GBI, and local task team will be at the school tomorrow to do a security sweep. Sorry for any inconveniences, but the safety of our staff and students is very important to us." Superintendent Dr. James "Jack" Catrett

Editor's Note: WRBL News 3, we don't usually report threats unless they widely affect a community -- which is the case in Talbot County. We'd like to remind everyone that authorities stress making threats aren't funny. They are felonies -- that come with serious prison time for anyone caught and convicted.

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