Columbus tapped as city to find cure for Alzheimer's by WebMD

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- The country's leading health website has named Columbus as the city that may cure Alzheimer's.

Dr. Jonathan Liss, a Neurologist in Columbus has launched what's called the Columbus Memory Project with the support of the Mayor. He wants to reach every resident 65 and older and teach them about brain health. He says we should know our Memory Number.

"And we are giving a self-administered thinking test and scoring it. So people are going to know how healthy their brain is. It's the new vital sign for brain health," said Dr. Liss.

What's capturing the world's attention is his research. In clinical trials, Dr. Liss testing drugs to either stop the disease from starting or stop the progression in those who already have Alzheimer's.

"So what we have learned is that there are a couple of proteins that get deposited in the brain that seem to trigger this disease. One is called Beta Amyloid, one is called Tau," said Dr. Liss.

Dr. Liss is looking for patients 55 to 75 who do not have the disease to a new medication designed to remove those proteins from the brain.

"And if it does take the protein out of the brain as we know it does and then stops the disease as we think it will, we'll have kept those people from ever developing Alzheimer's disease," said Dr. Liss.

To learn more about the Columbus Memory Project and the Clinical trials you can call 706-327-4000 or CLICK HERE.

You can ask Dr. Liss questions at an upcoming Town Hall "Ask the Doctor" event on  August 11 at 2 p.m. It will be held at the Columbus Memory Center located at 7196 North Lake Drive.


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