A 'Night to Shine' prom unites one special couple

Kaylyn McBride and Clint Stoe return to the prom where they met one year ago.

Columbus, Ga.-This time last year, Kaylyn McBride was unattached. But a lot can change in twelve months. She's confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, but the disorder has no affect on matters of the heart. The tattoo on her arm is a moving tribute to her late father, which symbolizes his presence and an answered prayer he had for his daughter to find love. That love now has a name and it's Clint. 

"Her father had prayed for her for a long time to meet someone to show her love and compassion," says McBride's cousin, Chasity Stevens. "Someone to connect with her on her level. And Kaylyn will tell you that her dad was in heaven doing the work for her."

And it's apparent from the joy that radiates from someplace deep inside when you ask her about Clint, that shes thrilled God heard his prayer. 

"Well we both have cerebral palsy and the way he cares for me. We basically hit it off like we're meant to be," says McBride.

This past year was a first of many experiences for the couple, but the best was yet to come.

"They had never been on a date in their entire life until leaving here last year. They planned dates, they have been bowling, they have been on picnics and they have truly fallen in love," says Stevens. 

And if you love her, then you should put a ring on it. And so he did-a promise ring that is. 

"It's our one year anniversary since we met," says Stoe. I just feel...especially tonight since I gave her the ring, I feel great!"

While Clint is the chosen one, Kaylyn says she still has room for one more guy in her heart. 

"Tim Tebow!" 

If it wasn't for his foundation we wouldn't have met each other," says McBride. 

Clint agrees but also acknowledges a higher power at work. 

"It was God's plan to put us together," says Stoe. "We're meant to be that's for sure." 

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