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Allen Temple AME invites all aboard the 'Gospel Train'

The local church utilizes a beloved play to spread the Good News.

Columbus, Ga- "This means the world to us, And to be a part of this event as we present it to our congregation and friends alike, is just really wonderful to kind of kick off the whole Easter weekend." 

There's a sisterhood among the ladies of Allen Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) that has only grown stronger as they prepared to open "Gospel Train," a play about God centered choices. 

"We get caught up into what we look like, what we have and what we posess as opposed to what God really wants us to do with our lives. He wants us to have our light shine," says cast member Dr. Dorothy DeWitt.

Brightly. So bright that others will be drawn in. 

"Certainly being connected, which is a part of our church motto-connecting people to people and people to God and people to the community," says cast member Renay Jones. 

Norris Smith, who plays the only male character in "Gospel Train," says performance ministry is another way to reach the masses.

"This just shows that the message is versatile and it can be through singing gospel music, dance or doing it this way as a performance piece...able to reach out in a different way and maybe touch some other people to realize that the bible is not just fixed in one certain area," says Smith. 

"Anything that we can do just to bring people together and know the story of the resurrection...we'll do it-we're on board," adds cast member Sandra Wesley. 


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