Columbus police officer receives 'HERO Award'

Officer Robert Grant's impressive work is rewarded by Piedmont Columbus Regional

COLUMBUS, Ga. - Officer Robert Grant says he doesn't do his job for the accolades, but the folks at Piedmont Columbus Regional decided to present him with their Hero Award after he came to the aid of a domestic violence victim, in which, he removed her from the hostile environment, secured medical assistance, while navigating a language barrier. 

"She's reached out a couple of times in the past, I've been told and hasn't gotten much response just because they couldn't understand her," says Grant. "But luckily, she reached out one more time, had faith in us and we were actually able to get her some help. That's just my message to folks out here. If y'all need help just come ask. If you see us in a car, off duty, you see a badge...just come ask for help, we can do something for you."

Joel Ames, Piedmont Columbus Regional Marketing Director, was on hand to deliver the award and noted that the lives of the people impacted by Officer Grant's actions have been forever changed. 

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