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Columbus residents call 5th Ave shooting a "misunderstanding"

COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) - Liberty Garden Townhomes residents are calling Friday night's shooting a misunderstanding. 

Columbus police responded to the community and arrested 63-year-old David Davis.

A friend of the suspect, and consequently a victim himself says he doesn't believe Davis meant any harm.

"We just hang out on his back porch. We sit back there, just talk, laugh, and at the end of the night, every body go their separate places, like we did last night. 'Ok, goodnight, see you tomorrow'," James Thompson tells reporter, Jessalyn Adams. "And he just hollered, 'I be back', and just came back with a gun."

Thompson says that's when Davis came out wielding a shotgun. He says Davis fired one shot into the ground and the pellets peppered, and a few grazed him in the leg and ankle.

According to Columbus police five people were injured.

Thompson says this was out of character for Davis.

"I had no idea he had a gun until I heard the gun blast. Had no idea. Never ever dreamed he would do something like that."

Davis's girlfriend, Linda Skanes, declined to go on camera, but tells News Three that Davis didn't mean it. She says they have been together since 2010.

"He was drunk. This is not like him. He called me and told me if he gets out, he will turn his life around."

Thompson says he and Davis have been friends for five years, and he is not letting this incident get in the way of their friendship. He says he has no plans to press charges.

"I think if he was to get out today, he and I would be cool because I just can't believe he had any intentions to hurt anybody, I know he didn't. He just got drunk and made a dumb decision."

Columbus police have charged Davis with aggravated assault and gun criminal trespassing among other charges.


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