Concern surrounding MCSD's response to serious student issues

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Ga. -- Concerns over how the Muscogee County School District disseminates information come as the district is now undergoing it's five year accreditation review.

News Three caught up with a former local superintendent to learn more about public notification policies in general.

Monday, the Muscogee County School District informed the media a teacher allegedly sent inappropriate content via cell phone to a student.

They did not however, say when the incident reportedly happened, name the teacher involved, or the school the student attends.

News Three was made aware the district's lack of answers is rubbing some in the community the wrong way.

We reached out to Superintendent David Lewis for an interview on notification policy and procedures.

His statement reads in part, "The circumstances of each situation dictates how and to whom we issue notifications."

According to the Superintendent's office, Monday's incident is under investigation by the Columbus Police Department and the teacher in question has been removed from any duties involving students,  pending that investigation.

"We would always make a generic statement." – says Larry DiChiara, former Superintendent for Phenix City Schools.

DiChiara says if a similar MCSD incident were to happen within his district AN investigation would need to take place, and then he would get advice from the school board attorney.

He explains it would be best to release generic information in instances like this.

"Without identifying students or employees...because there could be some legal ramifications if we did."- says DiChiara.

"I don't feel like as a board member…they've been upfront with us."- says Frank Myers, District 8 School Board representative.

Myers says the school district isn't only slow or tight-lipped with providing serious student information to the media but to the board as well.

He has a message for Superintendent David Lewis.

"Be forward with the public and the board..they've been forced to be reactive because so much bad stuff has happened lately."- says Myers.


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