Creative South draws hundreds to Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. - A major event is bringing hundreds to Columbus this weekend.  Creative South brings folks together from all over the world to discuss marketing, social media, and graphic design.

Creative South co-founder Mike Jones came up with the idea after getting back from an event in Ohio a few years ago.

"I just realized, I can't go to anything that's close by. If it's not a big city or 300 miles away, we don't have anything in our area that makes sense to go to," Jones said.

Creative South started in a hotel with around 40 people.  Six years ago, he would have never imagined hundreds of people would be in town for his year's sold out event.

"The downtown scene has grown so much so they're cultivating a culture for us to bring these kinds of events here by the renovations," Jones explained.

Creative South is one of the top annual tourism events in Columbus bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars to the local economy.

"We're tracking about 700 people and that's an economic impact of almost 400,000 dollars for the city so it's pretty extraordinary," said Peter Bowden with the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Fraser Davidson is from England and has been to Creative South the past few years.

"It's sort of like this little hidden gem.  It's not somewhere you'd traditionally schlep for nine and a half hours," Davidson said.

Jones does not want this event to get any bigger because he feels it would take away from the intimacy of people meeting one another.

"It's a blessing for me to do this so, I just want to honor God by doing it and keep introducing people to each other and growing the design community," Jones said.

The event has attracted so many people that it has been held in the Springer Opera House the past few years.

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