CSU's Schwob School of Music: A hub for international students

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Columbus State University is taking the international language of music and using it to attract students from all around the world to the Schwob School of Music.

The school of music is a nearly 50-year-old program where students from near and far come to be a part of.

"With faculty all over the world, we attract students from all over the world," Schwob School of Music Director Dr. Scott Harris said.

One former student, who is now professor at the school, came to CSU after being recruited in his home country of Israel.

"I was just one of those kids that was at the right place at the right time," Boris Abramov said.

For the school, finding Abramov was no coincidence.

The school invests heavily in sending its renown professors abroad to not only perform, but also recruit.

The result: A diverse makeup of talented musicians from 20 different countries who now call Columbus home.

"[It's amazing] how organized and easy they make it for students here transitioning from either high school in the states or even from abroad," Abramov said.

For Abramov, there was one big difference between the program at CSU and other schools in the U.S.

"When we come to the bottom of it, I think it's the attention to the student," he said. "During my undergrad, I felt the freedom to experiment, the freedom to fail, which is essential for any musician."

Benefiting students is the school's main goal, but it has also had a positive impact on Columbus' economy.

"It was the move of the Schwob School down here and partnering with River Center that set off all of the economic development up and down Broadway," Dr. Harris said.

Dr. Harris tells News 3 the economic impact of the college of arts is around $11 million a year.

It's made possible by a commitment to arts, and committing to students who come from all walks of life.

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