Dad continues Valentine's Day tradition eleven years after his death

Death is no match for this father's love for his five daughters.

COLUMBUS, Ga. - When Marquette McKnight walked into her Midtown office a year after her father's death, she was certain that the box of chocolates she and her sisters had become accustomed to receiving would now be a memory. But then something beautifully strange happened. 

"We were a little worried because it was like...did you get something in the mail today...cause we didn't want to feel like we were the only ones who had gotten it," says McKnight.

It was a box of Whitman's chocolates from her dad who had arranged for them to be delivered after his death. 

"Lo and behold, the day before Valentine's Day that year, UPS delivered a Whitman's Sampler to all five of the daughters and to my mother," says McKnight. "And it had the same message that my dad had given us when he gave us the box to begin with. It was a handwritten note from him that said, "I love you. Be My Valentine."" 

McKnight says she and her sisters were astounded by her dad's Valentine's Day gift the first year. Now, eleven years in, the possibility of 2018 being the last delivery has crossed her mind. 

"If it doesn't happen again next year that message won't fade. It would have been a wonderful, wonderful reminder of the magic of love for the rest of our lives,not only for us, but for all the people who know that it happens," says McKnight. 

And so the tradition continues. And this Valentine's Day, McKnight is showered with the love of her father and her husband-all thanks to the man who introduced them and loved her first. 



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