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Early-screening of "The Vietnam War" documentary reminds veterans of hurt and shame

COLUMBUS, Ga.- The National Infantry Museum hosted an early-showing of the new documentary entitled "The Vietnam War."

The film is by award-winning journalists: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

Immediately following the emotional, devastating and dramatic pre-screening- there was a somber tone- that filled the theater at the NIM.

Veterans shared their hurtful experiences about what it was like, when they came back home to the states.

"Went up to a crowd that was protesting, spitting, throwing things and all I told them was we shed blood to protect your right to do this…just understand…these follks did nothing wrong."- Col. Ret. Mayo "Biff" Hadden.

We spoke to him Thursday during the pre-screening of the documentary: "The Vietnam War".

We simply raised our right hand to defend our country and do whatever our country told us to do."- Col. Ret. Mayo "Biff" Hadden.

Hadden says, watching the film Thursday brought back very hurtful memories.

"The first thing the folks at the airport told us to do was get out of uniform, get in civilian clothing. I was a green beret. I refused."- Col. Ret. Mayo "Biff" Hadden.

The documentary classifies the Vietnam War as one of the most controversial events in American history.

Some of the reasons given included: the media not accurately portraying how badly the U.S. troops were losing to the enemy, and also the level of disrespect received from a young group of Americans known as the hippies.

"Emotional anguish of coming back to a country and feeling like that country doesn't want you. A country itself is rejecting you because our citizens are a reflection of our country and what it feels."- Col. Ret. Mayo "Biff Hadden.

Former Columbus Mayor Bob Poydasheff was also present Thursday.

Poydasheff has decades of military experience including also serving in the Vietnam War.

"Nobody cared."- Bob Poydasheff, Vietnam Veteran.

He tells News Three, what he took away from the pre-screening of the documentary.

"What's happy about this event is that the Vietnam veterans and those that served are being honored and respected and they're being singled out as people that deserve that type of honor."- Bob Poydasheff, Vietnam Veteran.

"The Vietnam War" documentary is eighteen hours long.

The first episode is set to air Sunday--September 17th, at eight P.M. ON PBS.

Our viewers can watch it on the Georgia Public Broadcasting channel.


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