Keeping kids safe on Halloween

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Local law enforcement tell News 3 Halloween is an opportunity for sex offenders to prey on unsuspecting children.

That's why law enforcement is focused on monitoring registered sex offenders to make sure kids have fun and stay safe while they're trick-or-treating.

On Halloween, it's all about having fun, dressing up and stocking up on candy. But do you know who's behind every door your child is knocking on?

"You know you really don't have to remind them but it's kind of like 'Hey look we're watching you,'" Deputy Anthony Humphries with the Muscogee County Marshal's Office said.

He also has this message for registered sex offenders heading into the holiday.

"Don't have a relapse. Be strong," he said. "You know it's for them as well as it is for the kids. It's more so for the kids because we don't want anything bad to happen to any kids or anyone."

He also has important advice for parents when it comes to making sure your kids are safe this Halloween.

"10-year-olds, 11-year-olds you know they don't want to hang with their parents," he said. "It's not the cool thing to do. So what I would say is stay in a group. Never go anywhere alone."

Deputy Humphries also says it's important to have constant communication with your child if you're not going to walk with them. To do that he says give them a phone for the night so you can check in or they can call police if something happens.

But he says having a phone while driving is never worth it.

"Is a text saying 'I'm almost home' more important than that nine-year-old that dropped their bag of candy on the street and they went to go pick it up?" he asked.

It's all about being what he calls "hyper vigilant."

That means being aware of your surroundings and focusing on being a parent, so your child can focus on having fun.

How to search for registered sex offenders near you.Tips from the Mayor's office to stay safe on Halloween. 

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