Lanett man arrested following a Sunday morning police chase

VALLEY, Ala. -- A Lanett man is behind bars following a police chase that lasted nearly 10 minutes early Sunday morning in Valley.

Jeromy Cain, 46, Lanett, was arrested and charged with attempting to elude, reckless endangerment and kidnapping in the second degree Sunday.

Valley Police say an officer was attempting to pull a car over on 20th Avenue just after midnight on Sunday for a tag violation. The woman who was driving told police that when the officer's lights went on, the passenger, Cain, told her not to stop and told her to slide over so he could drive.

Cain led police on a 10 minute chase through Valley before it ended on Newton Road. The woman told police that she was giving Cain a ride and asked him to stop, but he said no and told her he had a gun. Once the chase ended, no weapon was found.

Once Cain bailed out of the car, the lead police car was able to stop, but the other cruiser had its brakes lock up on the gravel road causing it to run into the back of the car and both cars are out of commission.

Anytime one of our officers is involved in a pursuit, there is always a risk of damage, Maj. Mike Reynolds said. "We have to weigh that against the seriousness of the violation. If this same pursuit had been going on during the day when there was more traffic and things like that, the supervisor would have no choice but to call off the search because it is not worth it, but at this time of night, there was not any traffic on the roadways, so the supervisor allowed it to go on."

Both the attempting to elude and reckless endangerment charges carry a $2,500 bond, while there is no bond on the kidnapping in the second degree charge.

This case remains under investigation by Valley Police.

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