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Liquidation of Columbus Toys R Us store begins

Bankruptcy and massive debt forces the toy giant to close over 700 stores.

Columbus, GA- There's a sense of loss for folks entering through the doors of Toys R Us. That wonderful, magical playground for the young and the young at heart will soon be no more. It's left 9-year-old Noah Thomason with a burning question. 

"Like, now what am I gonna do?," says Thomason. 

And he's not alone. While more Americans are turning to online shopping, there are still shoppers who like to experience a toy up-close before they buy it. 

"Kids don't like to wait when something is mailed," says Emily Woeber. "So now it's just gonna be a little more difficult to have to tell our kids, 'hey, it's gonna take 3 or 4 days for the toys to get home.'" 

For some loyal Toys R Us shoppers, they say they're slowly moving from shock to acceptance that a piece of their childhood is fading away. 

"It's kinda shocking and a little depressing. This is a major store that people have grown up with and for it to suddenly close is alarming in a sense," says Michael Panco. 

Sherry Echols agrees. 

"I'm very hurt because I have a 3-year-old and we live to come to Toys R Us and shop...it's the closest toy store, we live in Auburn. It's kinda hurtful. But I'm going in here to see if we can catch us some good sales," says Echols. 

Which is the upside to the store's liquidation. Because just as sure as the doors were once open, they'll soon close for the final time. 

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