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Ms. Senior Georgia in town Wednesday

COLUMBUS, Ga. - The City of Columbus is being graced by a visit from Ms. Senior Georgia.

Sandra Komiskey from Alpharetta was crowned in a pageant in August 2017.

Since then, she has traveled the Peach State visiting places like Covenant Woods Retirement Community.

She spoke to a gathering of their seniors Wednesday morning to encourage them, praise them and to remind them that they are treasured.

"I've been to over 130 facilities so far visiting people, over 6,000 miles, and it's all volunteer so it's all on my dime. For me, this is what I want to do.l  I want to visit as many seniors to let them know they're important and that we're visible and we have a lot to offer," says Sandra Komiskey.

Joining Ms. Komiskey on her visit to Columbus is Brenda Gilkey, a local resident who just happens to be a former Ms. Senior Georgia from 2011.

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