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Multiple drive-by shootings in Valley have residents on edge

VALLEY, Ala. (WRBL) - Valley police believe a rift between two rival groups is spreading violence and bullets all over Chambers County in multiple drive-by shootings.  Police fear it's only a matter of time before an innocent person dies in the crossfire.

The latest drive-by shooting happened Wednesday night at the Valley Waffle House. Valley Police say the likely target was a Waffle House employee who was working Wednesday night during the drive-by shooting.  Thursday afternoon, the employee was arrested and charged in another shooting, believed to be related.
Shards of glass, planks of plywood and bullet holes mark Wednesday night's drive-by shooting at the Valley Waffle House along Highway 29.

"I think it's extremely scary, especially so close to home. It's terrifying," said Tiffany Cox.

Investigators say they are thankful the drive-by didn't end with multiple people being injured or killed. Police say a shooter in a dark-colored vehicle driving along Highway 29 sprayed bullets into the restaurant barely missing four employees who were inside. Thankfully, no customers were eating inside. The bullets shattered three plate glass windows, near the outside booths. Around ten bullets traveled inside doing a significant amount of damage to the property.  

"One of the employees is the possible target due to his involvement in a situation in a shooting in Lafayette just a few weeks ago," said Major Mike Reynolds.

That employee is 25-year-old Jaquavious Williams. He was arrested late Thursday afternoon on warrants related to another shooting in Lafayette. Investigators hope Williams is the first of many arrests in a series of alleged back-to-back retaliatory shootings happening all over the county involving two groups. Major Reynolds attributes at least 6 shootings to the groups in Valley and says more shootings have been reported in other areas of Chambers County.

"We know who the players are and we know what is happening. Unfortunately knowing and proving are two different things and we have to make sure we can prove this information in a court of law," explained Reynolds.
Major Reynolds says investigators are working to get those involved off the streets before an innocent life is taken.
"Scary thinking you can be there with your family, I've got two kids, and I mean the bullets could have come through and hit us. It's a lot to think about," said Michael Prickett.

Major Reynolds says the shootings are happening all over the county and different law enforcement agencies are working hand-in-hand to round up those involved and make arrests. If you have any information that may help, you are asked to call the police.

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