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New challenger officially announces run for city council post 7

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- We're learning more about a local woman who is one of two political newcomers running for the Columbus city council seat held by long time Councilor Mimi Woodson.

Waleisah Wilson, a well-known local activist made her official announcement to the public Wednesday evening.

"I am district seven. Everything I think people are dealing with in district seven..I've dealt with."- says Wilson.

In a facebook post in early September Wilson wrote in part, " I have no plans to run district seven in sheep-like manner."

She explains that statement to News Three.

"I pretty much speak my mind. I don't hold back. I don't say anything in a nasty way but I'm transparent. I have no problem calling people..holding people accountable."- says Wilson.

Those in attendance Wednesday referred to Wilson, as a servant to her community.

Supporters say, it's not uncommon to see her out feeding the homeless, mentoring at-risk kids and providing rides to those in need, daily.

Wilson is often touted for starting the non-profit New Life-Second Chance Outreach in 2013.

It's a program that assists those convicted of crimes- find work.

Wilson sheds light on what it's going to take to help district seven, which largely covers parts of the South Side.

"Just like a garden..it needs watering...you have to feed a garden.-says Wilson.

Wilson explains.

"Once you pull the weeds of despair, the weeds of worthlessness, the weeds of hopelessness..you'll get what you need to yield out of a garden."- says Wilson.

Jeremy Hobbs, a local LGBT activist is also running for district 7.

Wilson shares whether she feels threatened by him.

"What?! Not at all."- says Wilson.

Wilson explains more in depth.

"People know who's genuine, people know who's been there to help...the people know who they see out in the community..the people know who helps them."- says Wilson.


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