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NOT MY PRANK: Many Smiths Station seniors upset and embarassed by senior prank

SMITHS STATION, Ala. (WRBL) -  Many within the Smiths Station community say they are disgusted and disappointed, believing a senior prank at the high school crossed the line into vandalism and criminal mischief.

We have heard from many teachers, parents, and students who are upset, saying what happened in the overnight hours at Smiths Station High does not represent what the school is about, nor the majority of students who are seniors and ready to graduate.

Profanity-laced graffiti on sidewalks, buildings, windows, even buses were marked up with foul language.  Then the trash, littering the campus as garbage cans were turned over.

We are also told a Killdeer, who was sitting on her nest with eggs, went missing after the prank. The bird decided to make the school grounds her home and was watched and enjoyed by teachers and students. They even named her Gladys.  Gladys did not return to her nest Friday, after the prank. Some are worried the bird may have been killed during the mischief.  Sheriff Jay Jones says that information can't be confirmed.

It's safe to say by the pictures and reaction from the community; this was a senior prank gone too far. However, it remains to be seen if criminal charges will be filed. Sheriff Jay Jones says the incident is under investigation and they do have some names of those who may be involved.

 "We are primarily yielding to the schools discretions and the administrators and let them decide what the appropriate punishment should be and if charges need to be filed as a result of this, we just don't know at this point, but we do want to identify those who are responsible and hold them accountable," said Sheriff Jones.

Sheriff Jones says while the pictures look bad, most of the damage has been cleaned up and put back in order. So far we do not know the cost.
Smiths station's principal tells News 3, he thinks most senior pranks can be fun when they are creative.  However, he says this was not a senior prank, this was trashing the school, and he's disappointed.
For now, it's a waiting game to see when those who are responsible are identified, what the punishment will be.


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