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On the homefront with Scott Ressmeyer's wife

WRBL Staff - COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Scott Ressmeyer and his band of Miracle Riders have been on the road for nearly three weeks. So what's it been like for the wives who were left behind?

Scott Ressmeyer's wife Rochelle has been a fixture at Rivertown Dental Care in Columbus for years. She's a dental assistant to Dr. Joe Miller. Rochelle is as comfortable in a dentist office as Scott is on his motorcycle. It's been almost three weeks since she watched her husband and the Miracle Riders head off on their 10,000 mile journey to the Arctic Circle and back.

"I watch him because of the media, so I know what he's doing," says Rochelle Ressmeyer.

On the particular day she caught our Midday coverage of Scott and the Miracle Riders. On the TV in the lobby where she works. Our Greg Loyd talked live with Scott as he was cruising through Canada. So how much contact does Rochelle have with Scott while he's on a trip like this?

"He calls me once at night for about twenty seconds. Just to tell me...our thing: I've landed. So I know he's safe and I can go to sleep and he can sleep." says Rochelle.

Rochelle and the rest of the riders' wives are all on the same page when it comes to communication.

"We want to present the least amount of distraction from here to them. We want them totally focused on what they're doing out there," says Rochelle.

Phil: Do you worry? "I do worry. But I don't worry where it takes over me," says Rochelle.

Rochelle doesn't have to wonder about what motivates her husband to go on these fundraising rides for charity.

"Scott has always been...has a big heart. He loves to give," says Rochelle. "For my whole entire marriage to Scott I have been surrounded by people who give. It's hard not to turn into a giver."

And if there's one word that describes Scott, a giver would be it.

"People just want to be a part of a heart. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Every time I turn around, someone's coming up...they want to be a part of this. It's incredible to watch. It's nothing less than a miracle for me to watch it. Nothing less," says Rochelle.

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