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Parents of three-year-old girl who died in grease trap: "She touched so many lives."

WRBL Staff - AUBURN, Ala. -- The Andrews family home in Auburn is a little more quiet tonight. The distinct voice of 3-year-old Sadie Grace Andrews will be deeply missed in every room of the house.

Her name meant "God's thoughtful princess," and that's what Sadie was to everyone who met her.

Saturday was a normal day for the Andrews family. After they had lunch, they stopped for ice cream at the Bruster's along East University Drive in Auburn. After they finished their ice cream, a few of the kids asked if they could play.

In a matter of seconds, the family noticed that Sadie was missing. After searching to no avail, Sadie's mother, Corrie, asked the people at the store to call 911. The family thought she was abducted because she vanished into thin air.

At one point, her father Tracy Andrews noticed a few pipes sticking out of the ground, but said something was amiss when he looked at the lids of a grease trap by the restaurant. He took the lid off, and thought he saw a glimpse of Sadie in her Alabama Crimson Tide shirt through the murky water.

They pulled her out and attempted CPR until paramedics arrived. Once paramedics arrived, they continued CPR, but to no avail.

The family's worst nightmare came true.

"We prayed for a miracle, but it just didn't happen that day," Tracy said. "We're thankful for the three years we had, but after I saw that, I knew what had happened. She stepped on it. The lid wasn't fastened. She stepped on it, fell in, the lid flipped and did a 180 and landed right back over the hole."

Corrie Andrews said through all of the heartache these past few days, they have grasped to the fact that God works all things together for his honor and glory and our own good. She added that these past couple of days she has been reminded of the preparations God has made.

Corrie said the day before Sadie passed, Sadie brought in her special blanket that never left her side. Sadie told her mom to give it to her grandmother and grandfather for their birthday, because Sadie said she did not need it anymore.

"We totally understand that and recognize the fact that God loaned her to us," Corrie Andrews said. "She wasn't ours. We dedicated her to the Lord, and it doesn't make it any easier, but she was never ours. She was God's. We fully believe that children are a gift from the Lord."

Even though the family will not get to hear her Sadie sing "Jesus Loves Me" the way they once did, they still have the memories of Sadie near and dear to their hearts. They will never forget the way she skipped into Church of the Highlands and said hello to each person before they could greet her. They will never forget the way she prayed for all those who were in need, and they will never forget her bright smile.

The family said they have been overwhelmed by the generosity from the community those close to them and complete strangers. They said the funeral expenses have been taken care of, numerous people have come by with meals, offering to take care of household chores and more.

There will be a visitation Tuesday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. central time at Jeffcoat Trant Funeral Home in Opelika. The funeral will be Wednesday, October 18 at 10 a.m. in the Chapel at Jeffcoat Trant. Visitation and funeral service are open to the public. The graveside service following the funeral will be reserved for family.

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