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Phenix City officials and resident searching for deed to condemned church

The deed would help avoid condemnation of the building

PHENIX CITY, Al (WRBL) - Ebenezer Church in Phenix City is at risk of being condemned if no deed is found.

An administrative meeting was held to determine the ownership status of the church, which Mayor Pro Tem Aurthur Day has received complaints about the condition of. Following the complaints, Day had the building inspected and later condemned.

James Shortz believes he has the necessary paperwork to prove ownership of the church his father started over 50 years ago.

Mr. Shortz provided council with a letter of resolution, which prompted council to begin searching for the deed. The meeting was adjourned with intent to reconvene while the city and Mr. Shortz search for the deed. If no need is found, the condemnation process will continue.

The building has damage visible from the street and is in need of repairs to the roof and windows. 

If he can prove ownership, Mr. Shortz will be required to bring the building back to code to prevent condemnation of the church.

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