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Residents move into new Columbus Commons Apartments

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Many of the residents who lived in the former Booker T Washington Apartments are now moving into the Columbus Commons. One woman said she's found joy in her new home.

The kitchen is the first thing that got Wylene Davenport's attention when she walked into her new apartment. Davenport is just one of many people who lived in the former Booker T Washington Apartments.

The Booker T Washington Apartments were torn down and new ones were built.

"The new apartment, well okay they needed to change it up, yea like me I feel new," said Davenport.

With the new apartments come new prices. A one bedroom unit starts at $729 a month, a two bedroom unit is at $991, and a three bedroom is priced at $1,293 a month, and there are 1,300 people on a waiting list.

Tenants living at the Columbus Commons have mixed income levels. Some pay the market price for rent while others are based on a sliding scale

"I never dreamed of living in such a nice place like this and so I appreciate it. Like I said I lived in Booker-T-Washington Apartments for 30 plus years and Booker-T-Washington wasn't all bad," said Anita Jarrett.

While there are no firm plans yet, a mixed use of retail shops may follow. The City of Columbus says it's always looking for ways to revitalize Columbus.

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