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Sadie Andrews, "God's Thoughtful Princess," laid to rest on Wednesday

OPELIKA, Ala. -- She loved to sing, and she loved to pray. On Wednesday morning, family and friends did the praying and singing as Sadie Andrews listened.

Family and friends gathered at the Jeffcoat Trant Funeral Home Chapel to celebrate the life of three-year-old Sadie Andrews. Sadie lost her life this past Saturday when she fell in a grease pit at Bruster's Ice Cream in Auburn.

Sadie's favorite song was "Jesus Love Me," and it was only fitting that the service began and ended with the song echoing in the chapel.

"As we gather to remember Sadie, I believe that we can look at God's word, and it helps us to celebrate her life, but it is also the only place where we can find comfort in these difficult times," Sadie's uncle Tim Andrews said.

Sadie's parents, Tracy and Corrie Andrews took to the microphone to speak of their energy giving, life of the party, lover of life daughter. Her parents said the prayers from the community and beyond have lifted them up in these troubling times. They added they were beyond grateful for the three years the Lord loaned Sadie to them, and they hope their daughter's life and her love of God can be an inspiration to many.

"If y'all walk away today unchanged, then this was nothing but a tragedy, and it wasn't worth anything, and it will completely dishonor our daughter, but if God changes you because of our daughter, glory be, glory be," Corrie Andrews said.

"When we think about Sadie,

While her family wishes she was still lighting up a room with her smile and voice, they know that she in Heaven entertaining the Lord with her loving voice and attitude. In the Andrews home, part of their nightly routine was a time for family worship. As they sat feet away from Sadie's casket, popping with color and scripture, with yellow balloons fluttering in the air, they had one last family worship.

"God reminded me that she perfectly lived out God's command to us: to love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our might, with all our strength," Corrie Andrews said. "And in that little three-year-old body, God reminded me last night that Christ's ministry on earth was three years, and God gave our Sadie three years."


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