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Soldiers Gear Up for the Best Ranger Competition

The best ranger competition kicks off Friday. Today competitors made their way to Fort Benning from around the U.S. to check in.

Fifty teams will compete to take home the title of Best Ranger this weekend using only the approved equipment they spent much of today sorting through.

Two rangers...Staff Sergeant Erich Friedlein and captain Travis Cornwall are making their fifth appearance, but will work together for the first time as partners. Staff Sergeant Friedlein say the lessons he's learned from competing over the years keep him coming back for more.

"Competing every year you learn something new about yourself and your level of commitment, and I think it's good to continuously do that," he said. "Continuously get better so you can start setting an example for younger soldiers under you and just always strive to be better."

Among other competitors are several first timers, including the competitions first ever coast guard team. Rangers will face off for 62 hours in a series of tiresome events all to determine which team has what it takes to be named the best rangers.

The David E. Grange Best Ranger Competition will be held Friday through Sunday of this weekend and the final award ceremony will be held on Monday.

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