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Talbot County students return back to school

Talbot County students will head back to school Friday morning -- with the exception of one teenager who's in police custody for allegedly making terroristic threats that closed the school system Thursday. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation raided this home Thursday where they say a teenager's posted a bomb threat on social media against the school and resource officer.

"These situations are not for the joking kind. Any time you make a threat to a public school or any other facility, we do take these threats very seriously." -- Fred Wimberly, GBI 

Out of caution, all Talbot County Schools and the Board of Education closed down Thursday.

We are so concerned about the safety of the kids. People say education is first, but really, safety and security of our kids. What's happening in the nation, especially down in Florida, we weren't going to take the chance, so shut the school down."

The superintendent says the school district might now consider arming its resource officer with a gun. Friday morning, authorities assure parents returning the schools are safe to reopen. 

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