UPATOI TRIPLE MURDER TRIAL: State and defense rest their case

UPDATE: 02/12/18 5:00 P.M.

Both the prosecution and defense have rested their cases in the Upatoi Triple Murder Trial. The last witness to take the stand was a GBI medical examiner who performed the autopsies on 54-year-old Gloria Short, her son 17-year-old Caleb Short, and her granddaughter 10-year-old Gianna Lindsey. All three were found violently beaten and stabbed to death on January 4, 2016.

Doctor Natasha Grandhi stood before the jury to explain graphic photos of the victim's injuries.

The last remaining defendant in the case, 17-year-old Rufus Burks, put his hands over his face or at times closed his eyes as the prosecution showed the graphic photos of Gloria, Caleb and Gianna who were all beaten so badly, Doctor Grandhi says their skulls were fractured.

We now know only Gianna and Gloria suffered sharp force injuries, which is the forensic term for a cut or a stab would. There were also signs both women put up a struggle.

"Primarily on the left arm, are in a distribution that can be found in defensive injuries," says Doctor Natasha Grandhi.

After Dr. Grandhi finished her testimony, the prosecution rested its case. Judge McBride advised the defendant Burks of his rights to take the stand, but Burks refused so the defense rested its case.

Both sides will now take Monday night to prepare their closing arguments before the jury decides if they find Rufus Burks innocent or guilty.


The prosecution in the Upatoi Triple Murder Trial Against 17-year-old Rufus Burks will be calling its last witness on Monday. 

That witness-key to the case -- is the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsies of murder victims Gloria Short, Caleb Short, and Gianna Lindsey.

The 54-year-old grandmother, her 17-year-old son and 10-year-old granddaughter were brutally murdered back in January of 2016. 

Thursday afternoon, the court recessed for the weekend after the pathologist was unable to testify. The two other defendants --Jervarceay Tapley and Raheam Gibson have already pled guilty in the case leaving Burks the lone defendant in the Triple Murder 

Following Monday's testimony, the prosecution is expected to rest its case against Burks.

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