UPDATE: Roads in Columbus

Columbus, GA - The streets in Columbus have drastically improved. Road crews began sanding the roads yesterday and continued into today.

This evening, the 13th Street viaduct bridge that goes over the railroad tracks reopened, which should make your commute between midtown and uptown easier.

Walters Loop was a priority this afternoon, and as of 6:30 p.m., ice still covers 11th Street, but the Columbus Police Dept. says that road is a priority also.

Around the city, snow is still sticking in some of the more shadier areas, and sporadic patches of ice loom on the roads. The city is working to eradicate those spots.

Yesterday, CPD responded to 106 accidents, and 11 of those resulted in injury. Today, 27 accidents with 4 resulting in injuries.

Another  side effect of the road closures and government closings is delayed mail. Mannie De Jesus, a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service says no deliveries were made yesterday, and that delayed the mail coming to them from other areas across the state. De Jesus says the mail ran as usual today, with some routes being obscured by road closures, and tomorrow mail carriers will have double the load to catch up.





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