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Auburn police officer goes above and beyond to score a touchdown with his community

AUBURN, Ala. -- The Auburn Police Division, like all law enforcement agencies, believes in interacting with the community they keep safe. Monday night, Officer Judson Scott did that with the help of a few tight-spirals.

Monday night, Officer Scott was on his regular patrol, when he spotted four kids playing football. Having younger siblings around that age himself, he knew that playing two on two couldn't be that much fun, so he called an audible.

"Initially, I rode past them the first time," Officer Scott said. "I was coming down Clark Avenue, and I rode past them and saw them playing. I said, OK, I'm gonna see what's going on. I pull up and say, hey guys, you want a quarterback? They said, 'Yeah, man. Let's play.'

For about 15 minutes, Officer Scott and the four kids played football, running pass patterns and some running plays. During the fun, a mother recorded the video.

"There are so many people who think there are a lot of bad cops, but we actually have good cops who are still out here, and we need to see more of these cops being involved with the community as well," Tonya Heard said.

Heard told News 3 Monday night meant the world to her and her kids. She said it is something they will never forget.

"I wanted to get out there and give them a better idea of who we are," Officer Scott said. "We're not just out here to write everybody a ticket and pull everybody over. We're not bad people. I wanted to give them an impression of what police do, and how they interact with each other, and get in their minds that we're not bad people."

Monday night's experience motivated Scott to continue interacting with the community in this capacity, even more than he already does.

After further review, the ruling in the community is a touchdown.

If you want to watch the full video, HERE.

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