What does Independence Day mean to you?

WRBL Staff - PHENIX CITY, Ala. -- Phenix City held it's annual Fourth of July celebration at the Amphitheater Tuesday night. The event has been a tradition for the last 25 years.

"Each year we have a different theme and this year we dedicated it to our veterans. We have a lot of veterans here in this community that have served and we just wanna show how proud we are of them," says Rebecca Harris.

This year's theme, Let Freedom Ring. We sampled the crowd to hear what Independence Day means to them.

"Push independent artists that's what Independence Day means to me. As artists who have left the industry..who have recognized that the industry has basically taken their independence away," says Jerald Dorsett.

Children also provided their opinion to News 3, with the permission of their parents of course.

"Means celebrating America and family and thanking God for us having this day and my brother is in the Army...so that's what it means," says Hayden Moore.

"Have fun with your family and celebrate America and celebrate the troops," says Julie Moore.

Most I talked to appear to be on the same page. There was one veteran though who touched on many African Americans choosing to no celebrate Independence Day, since blacks were slaves and were not free in 1776. Off camera, many African Americans have expressed celebrating Juneteenth as their Independence Day. Juneteenth celebrations started in 1865 on June 19. It marks the ending of slavery in the United States.

"I can't speak for others...I know what it means to me...and unity...we all are one country the Unites States of America. Juneteenth I believe represents the celebration that all slaves were set free to my understanding..but you want to tie everything together as far as showing patriotism we need to celebrate our independence and that's what this holiday..Fourth of July represents," says Carlton Jones.

Organizers say some 3,000 people turned out for Tuesday night's festivities. From the looks of it, it appears most everyone had a great time.

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