EXCLUSIVE FORT BENNING REPORT: Efforts to increase survivability and lethality

On display at Fort Benning this week are new experimental technologies and concepts-- designed to promote soldier-victory in the event of combat. 

News Three's Ashley Garrett was the only reporter on hand to witness the high-tech detail.

The efforts Tuesday were part of a team effort between local and international soldiers.

As part of the 14th Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment or AEWE, select soldiers from overseas participated in a six-week-long initiative, that's expected to increase- survivability and lethality of squad and small units in the current and future force.

"As far as technology is concerned..there's an enormous amount that's being developed at the moment that will fundamentally affect the way that we as Infantry officers operate in the field and whether that might be U.S. air-type capabilities or electronic war-fare type capabilities."- says Lt. Guy Chalk, British Platoon Leader.

Those specific capabilities on display include: devices that can distract the enemy during combat, technology that can better pin-point an enemy and more.

"Night-sites, robots, sustainment, water-purifiication bags, things like this that help our soldiers when they're in the field environment."- says Harry Lubin, Chief of Experimentation at the Maneuver Battle Lab.

He says all the capabilities that are made to enhance the soldiers in small units- throughout the army are first looked at during the AEWE.

"The army's campaign of experimentation..focused at the small unit level...arming the future force...that's what we do at Fort Benning."- says Lubin.

Fort Benning's Captain Randy Powell was put in charge of making sure AEWE ran smoothly.

He says, testing and learning about the new survival and lethal technology takes about a full year before the effort can be carried out.

"What you see behind me is definitely a true mark of professionalism within our organization. We're always looking to get better within the organization and continue to ensure..we have the ability to answer the nation's call whenever that might be."- says Powell.


Technology Week picks up with Fort Benning and the Columbus community:

March 22-23- Robotics Competition Wekk- CSU- The Georgia For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Competition gives high school robotics teams an opportunity to showcase their science and technology skills and problem solve, using robots to perform prescribed tasks. More than 30 high school robotics teams from Georgia will participate. This event is free and open to the public


March 23- Media Roundtable- (11 a.m.) CSU Recreation Center- Key CDID leaders will participate in a question and answer session on the Maneuver Robotics and Soldier Systems. 

For more information or to make arrangements to call in, contact Monica Manganaro, CDID Integrations, (706)-992-8781.

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