Early voting in Muscogee County set to end on May 18

The countdown to the end of early voting in Muscogee County has begun.

The window for early voting in the 2018 primary election in Muscogee County is quickly coming to a close. Voters who wish to avoid the long lines on election day still have 48 hours to cast their ballot. 

With their valid state or military issued identification in hand, a steady stream of voters made their way into the Citizen Services Center to cast their ballots before the clock runs out for early voting. Sandy Dowdell, Board of Elections Area Manager, tells News 3 what voters can expect leading up to primary day. 

"We've got until Friday at 7p.m...still time to do early voting and after that your only opportunity left would be the primary election itself, which is gonna be held Tuesday, the twenty-second," says Dowdell. 

Now in it's third week, Dowdell says today's turnout for early voting has been slow, but that didn't seem to affect the enthusiasm of two voters in particular.

"I'm ready for a change-ready for a change in our community, in our mayor and I'm looking for a positive future for us," says Deborah Pannell. 

"People gave their lives for this right to vote," says Edward DuBose. "So I'm always urging people to get involved in your local elections, but all politics are local." 

And on the local level, Pannell is confident in the candidates up for election. 

"We have a lot of good people out there that are running," says Pannell. "People really need to read up on them and not just vote for anybody. I personally have a favorite, but then I happen to know this man and I happen to know what I think he'll do for us. Don't complain if you don't vote."

"Every vote matters. We've seen that more recently than ever that most elections are being decided now by less than 1,000 votes," says DuBose. "For some people that say your vote doesn't matter, and you're living below the poverty line-it does matter. If you don't vote then other people are deciding how and where you live."

Dowdell reiterates what's at stake during this and every election. 

"If you don't vote you don't have a voice and your opinion doesn't count nor matter. Come out and vote Columbus." 


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