Georgia Republican Gubernatorial candidates address voters during forum

The six Republican Gubernatorial candidates addressed voters at CSU.

COLUMBUS, Ga. - It was the tweet heard around the world and the first question of the night. Georgia's Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle versus Delta Air Lines and the NRA. Did Cagle's tweet position Georgia as anti-business? 

"We just passed a historic tax cut in the legislature-$5.7 billion dollars," says Cagle. "I look forward to doing more of that and making sure that we are building and investing for the future to insure that we are a beacon for not just existing companies but new companies and start ups as well."

Cagle's Republican opponents pounced on his decision to get involved in the Delta/NRA dust-up. 

"What that situation was about was corporate cronyism," says Clay Tippins. "That tax break should have never been on the table in the first place." 

"Thirty minutes before the tweet went out, he tried to force it down our throats one last time and the Senate stood up to him," says Michael Williams. 

And on arming teachers to insure school safety...

"I'm for allowing teachers that are already comfortable concealing and carrying," says Hunter Hill. "They already have a permit, if they wanna do it we should not take away their second amendment right just because they're protecting our kids." 

"I certainly don't have a problem with teachers or other individuals in the school system carrying, but that needs to be a local decision," adds Brian Kemp. 

The role of God as a solution to societal ills and government failings was at the forefront of Marc Urbach's candidacy. 

"I'm the only candidate that brings the bible and the two constitutions to every gubernatorial event, " says Urbach. "Hear the word of God, believe in the word of God, repent from your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior."

Voters from both parties will have the chance to choose their top candidate in the primary contest on May, 22 ahead of the general election in November. 

News 3 will be hosting the Democratic Gubernatorial forum in April. The exact date has not been set prior to publishing. News 3 will be sure to update you once a date is confirmed. 


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