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Cool School: Hardaway High School

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Author Robert Greenleaf once wrote, "Caring for persons, the more able and the less able. Serving each other, is the rock upon which a good society is built." And students at a local high school are learning this principal first hand. News 3's Naomi Keitt shows us this week's cool school: Hardaway High School.

These 6 students, Elizabeth, Misti, Seychelle, Courtney, Madison, and Reece, are a part of a unique group at hardaway.

"We go there and we're positive influences that show them this is the right thing to do. This is how you lead from behind," said Madison Jones, senior at Hardaway.

"You didn't know you touched their hear by helping them but you did," said Seychelle Hercules, junior at Hardaway.

"And it makes me feel good, like I'm doing something that could be making something better for someone else and it's just good," said Elizabeth Brown, junior at Hardaway.

They're called servant leaders. It's a program started 4 years ago by Wendi Jenkins and Hardaway is the first public high school to have this program count as class credit. The students spend their first period class learning leadership skills, and how to help others without expecting anything in return.

"You lead by serving and I like to be out in front taking credit for everything, but through this program I learned that it's okay to be in the background and working things because you're holding someone else up or other people and they are getting the help they need," said Reece Parker, senior at Hardaway.

The students also work on several projects each semester like giggle bags. The bags are filled with homemade joke books and treats and are given to children at hospitals in Columbus.

Another project for the class, Born Learning Trails. They're interactive tiles that teacher younger children shapes and letters. Jenkins never imagined the impact this program would have on her students or herself.

"I hear them come back after they graduate or I hear some of the students say I used to be negative and now I'm positive. I don't think I even really fully grasp what these opportunities allow them to understand about themselves and the changes that they make," said Wendi Jenkins.

Student's do have to fill out a short application to get into the class, but all students can apply.

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