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Subdivision wants to add security cameras after home burglary

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It seems like every week we're talking about new burglaries at Columbus businesses or homes. Well one subdivision is trying to catch criminals in the act.

Some residents of Apostle, a small subdivision in the back of the Twin Chapel neighborhood, have home security cameras just in case something happens. Well last week it did, and the victims of burglary are tying to make their house and neighborhood more secure.

"I wish I would've had it," said Candy Messer.

The homeowner is talking about a security camera on her home, which was burglarized last week. Thieves broke into a side door and stole several electronic items as well as most of her jewelry.

"As you can tell, my driveway, my car is secluded when you pull up you cannot see into my doorway there so who knows how long they could've been in my home," said Messer.

Several of the homes have personal security cameras, but Messer wants to get neighborhood cameras installed for better protection. Luckily a neighbor did have his personal security camera rolling when Messer's home was broken into. She said they have reviewed the tapes and have narrowed it down to a couple of un-recognized cars, but hopes adding cameras to the whole cul-de-sac will add an additional security layer for the once quiet subdivision.

"We've been in this subdivision 13 years and I've never had as much as a leaf stolen off my lawn that's how safe we've been here until now," said Messer.

Messer said in the meantime she and her husband have installed a camera on their home, reinforced deadbolts, and added a siren. Since the burglary, Messer said they come home frequently throughout the day to check on the home.

"You just don't feel safe anymore. I just don't want to be in my home anymore," said Messer.

As the holiday season approaches, if you are leaving your home for an extended period of time, police suggest keeping on a porch light or having a neighbor collect mail to make it appear that you're home, so criminals will be deterred from breaking in.

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