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This Kid Rocks: Shraya Changela

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Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy is educating some very special young ladies. One in particular caught the eye of WNCN Today's Page Crawford and is featured in our "This Kid Rocks" segment.

Shraya Changela is an advocate for girls' education. "Feminist" is one of the words she uses to describe herself and the misconception surrounding feminism is just one more stereotype she's working to break.

"[Feminism is] more like I can like the color pink and I can like sparkles, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let a boy like put me down or I'm gonna stand for someone putting me down," Shraya says.

That mindset goes along well with the education Shraya is getting at her all-female high school, the Wake Young Women's Leadership Academy.

"Because we're so small you'd expect rumors to fly around, but everyone knows if rumors fly around you don't get on the person's back you know about that rumor, you try to help them and support them," Shraya says. "There's no turning it against them."

Shraya has plenty of interaction with the opposite sex as well. She plays on a co-ed soccer team and has two younger brothers. She credits her family for helping to bring out her natural leadership skills.

"I'm a lot more confident and I guess you could say cocky because I feel better about myself in an all-girls society because we're all really supporting and helping each other," she says.

She says her inspiration comes from Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani teen shot by the Taliban while riding the bus home from school. Following Malala's lead, Shraya heads up the local celebration of the UN's international "Day of the Girl."

In that UN address she talked a lot about getting students in first world countries to come out and help those in third world countries get their education.

It's a fight Shraya and her schoolmates know is worth it.

Shraya says one of the goals of the "Day of the Girl" movement is to get President Obama to sign presidential proclamations including one that would the "Day of the Girl" a nationally-recognized event.

The also have a goal next year of hosting 11 marches in 11 cities with Raleigh being one of the locations.

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