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The Pat McCrory Report Card

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GREENVILLE, N.C. - Before Pat McCrory became our 74th Governor, he made several promises, and we're holding him to them.

Topping his list of promises, Voter ID. McCrory said the state should require voters to show a photo ID to vote. On August 12, 2013, the governor signed a controversial measure that did just that, and it got a lot of national attention.

The NAACP is against the law and so is U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Lawmakers are now fighting court subpoenas ordering them to hand over emails and other correspondence relating to the law, citing legislative immunity.

Voter ID: Promise made, promise kept.

Next, abortion restrictions. When asked during a WRAL pre-election debate, McCrory said he would not further restrict abortion. "If you're elected governor, what further restrictions would you agree to sign?” the moderator asked. “Let's start with you Mr. McCrory?” McCrory answered, “None”.    

This was no laughing matter for pro-choice activists because McCrory signed a bill that limits abortions for at least some women. The NARAL Pro Choice Foundation and NAACP responded with Moral Monday rallies. Activists even protested outside the governor's mansion and the governor responded with a gesture that insulted them, he delivered cookies.

Abortions: Promise made, promise broken.

Up next, expanding Medicaid. "Government cannot solve all these problems alone, because there's no new money falling out of the sky." McCrory said in his inaugural speech on January 12, 2013.

McCrory refused to consider Medicaid expansion until the current system is reformed and to date, he's hasn't spent additional money. President Obama argued expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act would drive more patients to the doctor's offices, keeping them healthier and out of crowded emergency rooms. But a recent study shows although that's true, more are going to emergency rooms, too.

Medicaid covers ER visits and Obamacare makes coverage cheaper. Make something cheaper and people consume more of it. Critics of Obamacare say expanding Medicaid clearly makes a bad problem worse.

Medicaid: Promise made, promise kept.

Education, not much happened as it relates to funding which is upsetting to teachers. Teachers didn't get a raise, their pay is now tied into performance and overall, funding was cut from the state's education budget---this of course led to layoffs.

McCrory and republican legislative leaders blamed out-of-control Medicaid costs for not providing state workers with a raise. However McCrory promised to expand access to charter schools and offer two track high school diplomas. “One pathway is a four year college curriculum path; another path is a vocational curriculum.” McCrory promised teachers raises this year. 

Education: Promise made, promise somewhat kept.

Transportation."We also have to make sure that goods can be able to travel through our state like no other in the country." At his inauguration, McCrory stressed the importance of building our infrastructure and changing the way funds are assigned. In June 2013, the governor signed a bill that he says awards money by necessity---not politics.

DOT Funding: Promise made, promise kept.

Last but certainly not least, unemployment benefits. The governor and legislature say they won't renew federal unemployment benefits until the state pays back the $2.5 billion they already owe the feds. So McCrory let the clock run out. Benefits expired July first.

"It is not productive a state to live off a credit card, nor is it productive for a family to live off of a credit card." In a recent interview, McCrory credited the steep drop in unemployment to the reduction in benefits. North Carolina’s unemployment rate was 8.9% in July and now stands at 6.9%, a five year low.

Unemployment: promise made, promise kept.

McCrory fulfilled 5 out of the 6 promises we highlighted. Even though you may not be in agreement with some of the radical changes, for the most part, McCrory is a man of his word.


Full Inaugural Speech: January 12, 2013 ----> click here
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