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How you can fight pollen and allergies

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Despite the rain, hay fever is still wreaking havoc on the masses.

But finding relief is getting a little easier with some new products on the market.

Even if you don't have severe allergies, the pollen in the air could still send you to the drug store hunting for relief.

On cars, on streets, and gas pumps, pollen is everywhere and pharmacist Craig Hyatt at our home pharmacy in Auburn says his customers are complaining of the same symptoms.

 “The itchy, watery eyes, the sneezing, the runny nose, and all the things that come along with the yellow in the pollen,” said Hyatt.

To keep all of those problems at bay, you might need to go ahead and treat it.

“Start early. Be preventative in everything that you do. You don't want an infection to get started. Try to be preventative with the oral anti-histamines if you do have a problem, a consistent problem,” Hyatt said.

And you have plenty of options when it comes to finding some relief.

There are a ton of different products on the shelf when you go to the pharmacy. The best thing you can do is ask your pharmacist or doctor what is best for you based on your symptoms.

Hyatt says there are some new products on the market that could help you.

“A lot of the things, whether it be a steroid nose spray. There is a very good steroid nose spray that just came out very recently that is available. It is a local steroid. When I say local, it works directly on the tissue it touches,” said Hyatt.

Hyatt says you should not take any medicine without knowledge of what it is and how it will affect you.

“The best medicine for anyone is to ask questions. Find a professional that you trust,” Hyatt said.

Hyatt says to make sure you follow the instructions for any allergy medicine -- there are some that you are not supposed to take every day if you want them to be effective.

Dayne Young

Dayne is a sports anchor and reporter for WRBL. He started covering the Chattahoochee Valley in September 2012. More>>

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